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Rouba Alamein’s history in the Interior styling industry gave birth to the need for a range of bed coverlets for the Australian market to finish a styled bedroom. Never satisfied with the ordinary or mass produced, Rouba designed and imported a range of beautiful hand quilted silk, linen, velvet, 100% cotton filled coverlets. Luxuriously sized and proud to be one of the only Australian designed brands to fit beds the way a coverlet should – proportion is everything and the quilt sizes really makes a difference aesthetically.


Coverlets are ethically made in the homes of quilters in India and each piece is made with love and meticulously worked on for weeks.


How does your bedroom make you feel?

“Our bedroom is where we start our day and complete it, so why not create a space that is a peaceful place to wake and one that makes you feel good.

Someone once said to me that making our bed is one of the first fulfilling accomplishments of our day, and a coverlet makes that process that much more enjoyable!

We place so much emphasis these days styling our kitchens and living spaces that we often forget the bedroom space or move it on to a ‘later’ that never arrives.

I love my bedroom, I want to walk in there all the time and when it’s time to unwind or relax, I feel grateful going there to replenish. Don’t hide away your bedroom, make it a space that is inviting and you’ll find yourself spending more time in there unwinding.” – Rouba

C O V E R L E T S ?


noun  cov·er·let \ˈkə-vər-lət, -(ˌ)lid\ a decorative cover for a bed – merriam-webster dictionary


Cover me in the night

Cover me in beauty

Cover me in style

Cover me in love


A coverlet can be paired with a blanket during colder months if you live in a seasonal climate. Arrange a sheet, blanket and coverlet when it’s chilly, and in warmer months, dress the bed with just sheets and a coverlet.

“Let’s face it, although the coverlet is a practical addition to our bedroom – for me it’s all about the look! A coverlet is a beautiful addition to a styled bedroom space. I’m so passionate about the intricate hand quilted needle work that make each one unique. I love how they look perfect in position or just casually thrown over the bed, I use mine over my quilt in winter and with a sheet in summer”

– Rouba